Procedures and Fees

Allen Mims Photography

The First Meeting

The first meeting with the client is to determine the scope, size, location where the portrait will hang, and all the variables that will help the artist use his imagination to fully present the subject in a creative manner. Oftentimes, the first meeting is the time for a photography session and possible sketches.


Normally, about one hour is required to photograph the subject in a variety of poses and lighting combinations. This can be done on location or in the artist studio.

On occasions, the artist will do an oil-on-canvas head/shoulders study of the subject for color information and to familiarize himself with facial subtleties. About an hour and a half is required.

The Compositional Study (For compositions larger than head/shoulders)

The artist will complete a small oil-on-canvas study using all the photos and sketches available. The study determines color harmony and design and is the blueprint for the final portrait. The study is presented to the client with suggested photographs of face and hands to be used as definitive reference materials. There will be no surprises throughout the entire procedure of what will be the final outcome.

The Painting Process

This is the culmination of photos, sketches, and imagination to create the finished product. Once the painting process begins, the artist likes to keep the freshness and motif of subject and setting in mind throughout. Although most portraits are done from photographs, he encourages live sittings when possible.

The value of having the frame on the painting in progress is immeasurable and the artist considers this part of the painting process. He will work with the client on selecting a suitable frame.

Final Sitting

This is optional with the client/subject but is sometimes helpful if the artist feels more time in front of the sitter is necessary. Generally, less than two hours is sufficient for a touchup.

Current Portrait Fees

Contact the artist to discuss your project.